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Gilles Deleuze’s Interpretion Of Henri Bergson: An Attempt Of Transition From Essence To Existence

Deleuze is one of the important philosophers in Western philosophy due to his criticism to essentialist thinking. According to Deleuze essentialist thinking is a form of structural thinking that needs to be criticized., A difference idea based on existence should be brought instead of structural thinking. Bergson is one of the philosophers who advocates the idea of difference based on existence. Bergson who criticised essencialist thinking seriously, has adopted the view of immanent being instead of transcendent being. With this view he explained everything inherently to the universe. According to Bergson all things including universe happened by evolution. According to Deleuze all things in Bergson were formed as a result of the differentiation of time. So, in this article Bergson's impact on Deleuze's philosophy will be discussed. Also, how Deleuze criticized essentialist thinking through Bergson's philosophy will be discussed.

Bergson, Deleuze, Difference, Duration, İntuition


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