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Special education is an area that needs to be emphasized today. Specially trained children may have different biological-physiological, mental structures than normal individuals. For this reason, the education and training of these individuals should be carried out with a special program. Educational institutions do their best for the mental development of every child. In order for children to realize themselves and be productive, it is essential that they receive education. Education-training is also an important element of creativity in children's mental and spiritual development. It is necessary to develop creative elements in the development of specially educated children. One of the important lessons that should be used to develop the creativity of specially educated children is the visual arts course. The aim of this research is to understand creativity and to reveal the benefits of visual arts education in developing the creativity of specially educated children. The importance of research is to reveal the place of creativity in development, the need for education and training of specially educated children and the course of visual arts. The research was conducted by qualitative research method and sources such as books, articles were looked at and literature was scanned. The universe of research consists of specially trained children and a visual arts course. As a result of the research; Specially trained children's visual arts practices commissioned to provide them with the products they produced these children and to mobilize their creativity in psychological, sociological, problems of psycho-therapeutic by providing a gain to increase their confidence, psychologically, to relax, to increase their happiness, to ensure the development of social communication skills, a substantial contribution to the development from a mental perspective has emerged.

Creativity, Special Education, Visual Arts, Children


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