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The increase of the population, the continuous consumption with the industrial revolution and the uncontrolled mixing of the wastes that emerge as a necessity of nature, brings about serious problems for the future for living things and the environment unless they are managed and managed in a correctly determined way. The disposal of wastes without being evaluated in the recycling and recovery process causes serious resource losses in terms of both material and energy. Waste should be disposed of in a way that is minimally harmful to the environment by analyzing and combining management policies with existing solutions. In addition, with recovery and energy recovery systems, analytical approaches and problems should be prevented from posing a threat to the future and should be made an important part of sustainable life. Paper, wood, plastic, glass, composite, metal, herbal, organic, electronic and battery wastes, especially construction wastes, are known to seriously harm the nature and disrupt the natural balance. Minimizing the waste generated, using an active collection system, developing the recycling system, and applying correct management in certain areas for waste recovery play an important role in the continuation of sustainable resources. It is known that wastes pose a danger within the concept of sustainable environment for the progress of natural life in balance. Sustainable and effective management of resources is an absolute necessity today.

Waste management, Recycle, Sustainability


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