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Perihan Mağden, who was a prolific artist during her nearly forty years of artistic life, has been mentioned with her novels, essays and columns. Until today, if one wants to benefit from Perihan Mağden’s poems and these poems, there has not been much scientific research. That is why it has not been sufficiently introduced. It is a result of the poems of Perihan Mağden, born in 1960, and the effort the poet to enlighten the worl of poetry. Perihan Mağden, who started to write poetry even in high school years, has two poetry boks. These Works are named “Mutfak Kazaları” and “Dünya İşleri” in order of publication. İn this study, the poetry book named “Dünya İşleri” published by the poet’s “Everest Yayınları” and in which all his poems are collected, was taken as reference. His poems that are not included in this book have not been taken into consideration while making the evaluation. The main purpose of this study is to examine Perihan Mağden’s poetry in terms of theme. İn the research, the poems of the artist were reached and then the poems in these works were examined in terms of themes. Thematic analysis of poems will hold an important place in terms of explaining the poetry of the artist and determining his artistic success.

Perihan Mağden, Poet, Poetry.

Cite : Nurullah KAÇMAZ , (2020). PERİHAN MAĞDEN’İN ŞİİRLERİNİN TEMA BAKIMINDAN İNCELENMESİ. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 8, p. 204-239. Doi: 10.46872/pj.130.


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