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Today, the rapid development of technology has provided the opportunity to analyze images in a different way in poster designs. This situation caused graphic designers to use the simplest and simplest language of expression. Of a design; Its simple form is its basic state consisting of one or more parts that enable it to transform into a meaningful whole, its constant reality. Poster design has been used as a visual communication tool from past to present with its ability and practicality to reach the masses. Poster design visualizes content for advertising, cultural or social purposes. Social poster designs; It has the quality of raising awareness in individuals without any commercial concerns in line with the chosen subject such as human rights, global warming, environment and health. In the poster designs chosen with this study; With semiotic analysis, it is aimed to evaluate the stages such as finding an idea, visualizing the idea in line with the target audience, choosing the right images in the process of creating the visual. In poster designs, determining what the message is and transforming it into visual elements and conveying it to the target audience is an important process. Analyzing this process and analyzing the language of expression is necessary to define the social poster design process in line with creative ideas. Research; With the literature review method, firstly, he will reveal the elements of the concept by drawing the framework of the concept of poster design. Secondly, it will analyze through 'Global Warming' themed poster designs that have turned into a universal social problem in the globalizing world. Poster designs analyzed and defined according to semiotics scales are important to create new awareness for students studying graphic design. Semiotics includes the interpretation, production or understanding of symbols. Barthes, the sign, is the relationship between the signifier and the signified, and the signification arises from the establishment of this relationship. In semiotics, meaning is considered as plain meaning and connotation. Barthes "describes his semiotics as the 'dissolving' of linguistics, or, more clearly, as the study of all aspects of signification that have been cast aside by a scientific linguistics on the grounds that it is not pure" (Culler, 2008: 81). He is from the impure aspects of language; their fears, approaches, protests, bragging etc. it means things. According to Barthes, the meaning is the subject of what the sign represents, and the connotation is about how the sign is represented. According to Barthes, an indicator "is basically a form of meaning, as Saussure said. That is, the signifier names a particular object in a direct way or expresses what it refers to. In addition, signs refer to culturally determined meanings or also to connotations that have meanings […] an indicator may itself be the indicator of another sign, a connotation, or a secondary indicator indicating a cultural value such as location. In this case, the indicator becomes an "indicator carrier" for connotative aspects of culture such as position structure in society” (Gottdiener, 2005: 30-31). In the research; The semiotic method was used to analyze and understand how the designers evaluate the creative process on "Global Warming", and how they use visual language in an original and effective way, especially when considered as social poster design.

Poster Design, Global Warming, Graphic Design, Semiotics, Globalization.


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