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The problem of accepting and believing the existence of jinn is a controversial issue that has preserved its importance throughout human history. Although there are some differences between the divine religions, the jinn, which are accepted to have divine characteristics in human religions and beliefs, generally accept that the jinn have some characteristics such as "God's command, misleading people, but they cannot control people". However, mentioning the jinn with similar features in the heavenly religions does not mean that they are given the same mission altogether. Although the jinn are not mentioned effectively before the Babylonian exile in the doctrine of Judaism, the jinn that took their place in the Jewish scriptures over time, although their existence is accepted, they are definitely controlled by the power of God and are under his service. In the period after the Babylonian exile, it is seen that the Jews who separated the demons as good and bad beings with the effect of dualist currents in folk belief started to use some different terms such as "şedim" (evil spirits) in their scriptures. According to them, it is accepted that djinns, who have similar characteristics with humans in terms of basic needs, also have wings like angels, and are the kind of creatures that will constitute the basis for misfortunes in material and spiritual terms. According to Jewish beliefs, jinn can invade the bodies of creatures such as humans and animals and drive them mad. It is seen that the Christian doctrine is influenced by different religions and thoughts regarding the understanding of jinn. They included more information about these beings in their own books than the Jewish holy books. So much so that some people sacrificing sacrifices in the name of jinn is specifically mentioned and prohibited in the New Testament. However, it is also mentioned in the New Testament that the jinn are seen as the gods of the pagans and they make people sick using their bodies. The activities of using jinn were seen as the source of all kinds of disasters and misfortunes that happened to humanity. There is a lot of information in the Christian scriptures about the sexual assault and its treatment. Although there are debates about the nature of the existence of jinn in the religion of Islam, it is accepted that their existence is unanimously accepted and that they were created from "smokeless fire". It is believed that jinn, who have the same characteristics as humans in terms of need and responsibility, are always under the power and might of Allah, that they do not know the unseen in absolute terms, and that they can take on the images of some animals and lead people to a bad path by giving them delusion. In addition, there are well-intentioned believers among the jinn, as well as malicious and unbelievers. In this study, we have examined the jinn subject from different aspects according to the divine religions.

Unseen, Jinn, Islam, Christianity, Judaism.

Cite : Mustafa YALÇINKAYA , (2020). İLÂHİ DİNLERİN CİN KAVRAMI ALGISI: GENEL BİR YAKLAŞIM. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 7, p. 170-183. Doi: 10.46872/pj.133.


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