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Considering people with all their features and educating the individual in every aspect from the social point of view is one of the main goals of the education system. The game actually takes place in the life of the individual from birth to death. Changing is only the form of the game. The game has a very important place especially for children of developmental age. For the child, play is a priority, but an important activity. In this research, 40 pre-school teacher candidates studying at different universities; It is aimed to determine the opinions related to physical education and game teaching lesson. Open-ended questions developed by the researcher as a data collection tool in the research were presented to prospective teachers. In the research, the data were analyzed by content analysis method by using the interview method, which is one of the qualitative research methods. Data that are close to each other in content analysis are combined and interpreted within the framework of certain concepts and themes. As a result, pre-school teacher candidates who participated in the research; They stated that physical education and play teaching lesson is an important lesson in teaching professional life and the lesson should be applied generally. The teacher candidates who participated in the research stated that their socialization and psychomotor skills improved and they were also more conscious about healthy life. In addition, the research group; They stated that physical education and game teaching lessons contribute to their education, and that the lesson is important in terms of communicating and gaining a sense of responsibility. In addition, the research group; It was concluded that the importance of the course should be felt, teaching different games, taking into account the individual differences and improving the physical environmental conditions.

Preschool teacher candidate, Physical education and game teaching, Opinion.

Cite : Hatice ALINCAK Ali ATICI ,Tuba AKALIN, Ömer ATICI, Hatice ALINCAK, Ökkeş BEYAZ, (2020). OKUL ÖNCESİ ÖĞRETMENİ ADAYLARININ BEDEN EĞİTİMİ ve OYUN ÖĞRETİMİ DERSİNE İLİŞKİN GÖRÜŞLERİNİN DEĞERLENDİRİLMESİ. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 8, p. 81-89. Doi: 10.46872/pj.144.


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