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Working with monotype printing allows Artists to master an art technique without using a press or other expensive equipment. Gelatin printing is a planographic process that implies a print from a flat surface. A wooden block is similar to traditional methods such as etching and lithography, which enhances the image on a printing plate. A plate made of gelatin is used instead of copper, stone or wood. Originality is at the forefront in the formation of the design. New inventions are a very simple, non-toxic printing method with unlimited tissue formations. Gelatin printing plates look and feel like glass. Plates are durable. Can be used again. It is stored at room temperature. It is easy to clean. Printing can be done at frequent intervals. In this article, the gelatin plate printing steps as an alternative to the artists who want to work in mono print and monotype are explained with illustrated instructions. Gelatin printing is printed with molds prepared with gelatin, using water-based printing inks. Finished products are similar to many proven mechanical printing production processes such as engravings, shrink prints, photograms, collages, silk screens, lithographs, and engravings, but have remained popular with its distinctive feature. Within the scope of this study, gelatin printing techniques were explained both theoretically and theoretically to the students and artists in order to create visual memory. As well as applied studies related to the techniques were presented.

Gelatin, Plate, Print, Monotype, Original Print

Cite : Suna Özgür KARAALAN , (2020). JELATİN PLAKALAR İLE MONOTİP BASKI UYGULAMALARI. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 8, p. 153-168. Doi: 10.46872/pj.158.


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