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Culture means any kind of life, thought, idea, art and accumulation that collects the feelings and thoughts of a society at a common point and makes them permanent during the periods and traditions, traditions, customs and traditions. Culture House is a museum where the cultural accumulations of the region or region from past to present are exhibited. The common goal of the cultural house centers opened within the Municipality, Governorate or Provincial Cultural Directorates and aimed to be protected is to provide cultural integrity in different societies, to support the interactions required by the social life and to offer common works that can serve as an example to the society. Aksaray Culture House can be shown as an example of this work. The products belonging to different periods and regions in the cultural house provide information about the societies living in this region. Museums are important sources that hold the historical documents of their regions and display them to people. Culture House, known as the first library of Aksaray, is used as a museum today. In the time of the governors who served in Aksaray Aksaray and the goods they have purchased or purchased from the surrounding area are exhibited. The exhibited products include carpet and plain weaving samples, wedding dresses, embroidery samples and tools and equipment used in daily life. The building, which is completely made of cut stone, has a wooden roof and wide eaves. The weaving samples exhibited in the culture house are 71 in total, and it is easy to classify these weavings in two different groups as carpets and rugs and classify them according to their size. With this study, data were collected by taking images and videos about the regions, weaving names, and current situation of the pile weaving samples in the Culture House, and it was aimed to share the information collected by scanning written sources about the kirkit with weavings.

Aksaray, Weaving, Culture, Art, Museum

Cite : Semra KILIÇ KARATAY , (2020). AKSARAY KÜLTÜR EVİ’NDE BULUNAN KİRKİTLİ DOKUMA ÖRNEKLERİ. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 9, p. 26-40. Doi: 10.46872/pj.173.


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