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Writing visual history in cinema is a method that directors cannot give up. This approach has determined the form as “historicalization” over time. In this way, it is removed from the current version and is shown as the product of a certain historical moment. In this screening, the dominance of the current one is discussed and the audience has an external perspective. Brecht explains this phenomenon as follows; “Historicization can also be defined as the artistic means of giving the historical dimension of the social meaning obtained through the study of matters.” From the beginning of the cinema to the present day, musical films have been produced for the audience to have a good time. As a music adds a lot to the movie, it adds a different perspective to the cinema in musical works. Although musical films contain unique visual codes, cinematographic elements such as decor, scene, color, music, sound, acting have included the audience in the emotional transfer of musical films. Musical films, which have important examples on every continent after the 1920s, started to be consumed by the audience in the 1970s and are still being produced today. The musical films, which are far from the real time flow, tell the audience about emotions, joys and sadness in an extraordinary world with songs and dances. Dance and music are presented in a visual way that can be described as extraordinary. In both films, the effects of historical change processes of the 1970s on the family and the effects of gender roles in the formation were put forward as the content problematic of the scientific analysis, and the emerging approaches of the images and icons created through the decor-costume in the formal analysis were the phenomenon of self, parent and family. will be resolved within the framework. Tommy, which is described as a fantastic musical movie, and Rocketman, which is described as a biographical musical movie, are among the best examples of the musical movie genre. The Who is one of the most important British Rock bands of the 1960s and 1970s. At first they were called "Radau-Combo". With their music and stage performances, this English quartet was compared to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. In this study, the musical journeys of directors from the atmosphere of 1970's and "The Who" through Ken Russel period to the self life of Elton John from 2019 to 1970 will be analyzed and discussed through the indicator scientific film theory.

musical movies, semiotics, elton john, tommy, rocketman.

Cite : MELİH TOMAK Doç. Dr. Ragıp TARANÇ, (2020). SİNEMADA GÖSTERGEBİLİMSEL ANALİZ ÜZERİNE MÜZİKAL FİLM ÖRNEKLERİ: TOMMY (1975) ve ROCKETMAN (2019) FİLMLERİ. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 5, p. 58-84. Doi: 10.46872/pj.23.


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