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The European Huns are the continuation of the Asian Huns. This community, IV. From the century onwards in the Eastern Europe started to be seen. Attila is one of the most important Khans of the Huns establishing a state here. Because of her achievements, Attila was given the title of God's Whip'. Attila grew up with his uncle Rua and learned the basics about state administration and foreign policy. Attila started to govern the state with his brother Bleda in 434. As Bleda was fond of pleasure and entertainment, Attila generally managed the state alone. II. Theodosios, sent an embassy to Hun borders under the direction of Plinthas in the same year (434) Taking advantage of this opportunity, Attila signed the Margos (Constantine) Agreement with the Eastern Roman Empire. Treaty has been signed as a result of the political and economic in this sense, important privileges were obtained. The European Hun State gained important political and economic privileges with this treaty and also dominated Eastern Rome. He added the regions along the Rhine, Alps and Vistula River to his land, dominated many tribes and Bulgarians, Pannonia Prima distributed. The European Huns state which became an empire, was in 442, he increased the pressure on Europe and crept to Belgrade. After that Attila Balkan and some parts of the Peninsula have captured the Danube-sized castles, like Sofia. Thus, the First Balkan Expedition successfully completed. After Attila's older brother Bleda died in 445, Attila, who was the ruler of Central Europe and West Asia, kept the administration alone. In 447, Attila again headed towards the Balkans to bring the Eastern Roman Empire under its full influence. In this opinion, the great emerging in the Rome at that time factors such as Istanbul earthquake, epidemic and economic insufficiencyare also very important. As a matter of fact, after all the opportunities, Attila made requests with emperor Theodosios in a number of correspondence. When the emperor found these demands heavy, Attila embarked on the Second Balkan Expedition. This time the Attila removed the obstacles until Istanbul and consequently, Anatolios Peace was realized between the two states. Attila made heavy political and economic demands from Eastern Rome with this treaty. Emperor Theodosios then assassinated Attila, but this assassination was not successful. After all these achievements, Attila was believed to hold the sword of Ares, the God of War in mythology. As a matter of fact, anyone who possesses this sword is believed to rule this earth. After many expeditions, he wanted to eliminate Sasani, but after the Italian Expedition, the wedding night died suspiciously in 453.

Attila, Eastern Rome, Theodosios.

Cite : Yunus Emre TANSÜ Yunus Emre Tansü& Züleyha Şahan, (2020). ATTİLA. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 5, p. 107-116. Doi: 10.46872/pj.25.


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