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One of the main problems in the study of Azerbaijani ashug art is related to the classification of genres. From this point of view, extensive research has been done on the classification of poetic and musical genres in the art of ashug in both musicology and literary folklore. Classification of the air of ashug in Azerbaijani musicology was made by the pioneer E.Eldarova, and later by T.Mammadov,I.Kocharly and others. One of the music genres in the art of ashug is the genre of beauty. There are many types of beauties. These species are grouped according to different criteria. Thus? There are beauties associated with the names of some ashug’s, beauties related to regions, and beauties associated with the names of the heroes of the epic. While defining the beauty genre in terms of both poetry and music, first of all the image-emotional content of the genre comes to the fore. Because the content of the genre is exactly the same in both respects. It is a poetic addition that is characteristic of beauties. The main features of this genre can be reflected in the regional characteristics of the musical language. Most of the beauties (not belonging to the enchanting Penah beauty) are based on Segah intonations. It is known that the Segah makam has a lyrical and sad character and examples of music based on this mode include this character circle. The fact that the beauty airs are based on this mode and that they have the same character is an indicator of the deeper bond between the art of ashug and mugham. Therefore, all genres in the art of amorous, including the amenity type, express a set of general and individual classification criteria. General criteria are grouping according to indicators such as the place where the air is created, the creator or the person it belongs to, the poetic text, etc. Certain criteria of beauty of the poetic text, image-emotional content in connection with a particular epic or a particular person are established. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the influence of her performance style. Therefore, like any ashug environment, beauties reflect the influence of the local performance traditions and performance styles.

ashug art, beauty song, poetic, music genres, performance style

Cite : Kamala ATAKISHIYEVA , (2021). AZERBAYCAN AŞIK SANATINDA GÜZELLEME TÜRÜ. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 13, p. 114-120. Doi: .


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