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The use of graphic design in advertising applications is defined as "advertising graphics". In the advertising graphic, the message that a graphic designer wants to give with the graphical images used must be understandable and perceptible by the target audience, who is the recipient of that message. The message he wants to give in his communication process in graphic design must be perceived correctly by the target audience. Perception, visual perception and perception management concepts are focused on manipulation concepts. In the communication of sample advertising messages through visual and verbal indicators, what the target audience said, what they implied, how they were directed and graphic design elements were analyzed. In the study, it is aimed to show how perception, visual perception and manipulation of advertising messages affect the audience, how perception and visual perception are transformed into conscious perception illusions. It has been emphasized whether the advertising messages are delivered in the clearest and most clear way and in which way they affect the target audience.

Perception Management, Advertising Graphics, Manipulation, Advertising.

Cite : Ferrah Nur DÜNDAR , (2021). REKLAM GRAFİĞİNDE MANİPÜLASYON. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 13, p. 159-169. Doi: .


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