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The word-formation method (prefixation, suffixation, abbreviation etc.), the syntactic method (the formation of terminological phrases as one of the most productive methods of term formation) and borrowing play a significant role in the formation of terms. The construction of new words from initial foundations or from general lexical units is one of the traditional ways of forming term units in a particular term system using the internal resources of the language. Suffixes and prefixes that are involved in the structure of terms are borrowed, as a rule, from the general morphological fund. The formation of a new term via morphological way occurs on the basis of one or several roots with the help of derivational affixes - suffixes, prefixes, and also substantives. The study shows that, when attached to a stem, a derivational suffix is characterized by the following functions: 1) providing a derived token with a different meaning; 2) changing the lexical and grammatical structure of the forming stem; 3) transforming the formative basis from one part of speech to another. If at least one of these functions is not characteristic of a certain morpheme of a word, it is not a derivational suffix. To analyze the process of English terminology suffixation in the oil and gas industry, 2117 terms of the oil and gas industry were processed, selected from scientific and technical texts and various lexicographic sources. The article shows the results of the study - examples, numbers and percentages of terms selected from the total number of studied term units, formed by adding suffixes, namely, suffix word formation of nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs in English oil and gas industry terminology.

terms, suffix, oil and gas industry, formation

Cite : Gulshan Aliyeva , (). PETROL VE GAZ ENDÜSTRISI TERMINOLOJISINDE BIR KELIME OLUŞTURMA SÜRECI OLARAK SON EK.. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, , p. . Doi: .


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