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Success in the global market is for a manager's purpose. oriented towards the success of success. Are there general views of the worldwide visual millets? This research also seeks answers. In the upper layer, a spherical oil vehicle consists of two main sections and one large side. survey was conducted. It did not identify participants' disclosures of exceptional examples of organizational performance and targeted disclosures. It has led to content analysis in ways that are not focused on the subject. The superior finding is universal for the master class for excellent performance. Stay away from local areas in emphasis among the six regions of the world. In addition, its two main inclusions, associated with different cultures, and its long-established, clearly defined features with corporate identity. In this respect, they have manufacturability under the same conditions as for their performance in transition. One of the results from this study will be used to demonstrate about the future all day.

Transformational Leadership, Behavior, Corporate Culture, Employee Engagement

Cite : Muhammet GÜMÜŞ Sibel ORHAN, Emine KIZILKAYA , (2021). DÖNÜŞÜMCÜ LİDERLİK: ULUSLARARASI FARKLILIKLARIN VE BENZERLİKLERİN İNCELENMESİ. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 15, p. 261-276. Doi: .


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