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When we look at the history of humanity, it is seen that social movements of different nature have emerged with the changes in societies. According to the characteristics and content of the period, social movements are classified in two ways as old and new social movements. While the first emerging social movements were of a revolutionary nature, the ones that emerged afterward, although named in different ways, aim to express the dissatisfaction experienced in the society. One of the most important causes of social movements is the technological developments and the changes in various fields brought by these developments. It is known that today's world societies have entered a new alteration and transformation with the advances in artificial intelligence and robot technology. With this alteration, artificial intelligence and robotics bring advantages and disadvantages for societies. However, it is seen in actions that some applications in which artificial intelligence and robot technology are used create dissatisfaction and uneasiness for individuals. It was thought that it would be necessary to determine which applications of AI and robot systems cause discomfort or uneasiness in individuals and analyze social movement paradigms specific to AI and robotics in order to deal with these actions in the context of social movements. Within this scope, six news samples in the foreign press and various sources related to the subject were examined with the historical scanning model and document analysis technique, and the obtained data were supported by the literature. In this context, firstly, artificial intelligence-robotics and social movements were defined, and social movement theories were included. Afterwards, the historical process of the relationship between technology and social movements, artificial intelligence-robot technology and social movements was mentioned. With the analyzes made, it is thought that awareness will be created by drawing attention to the social movements that may occur in this context. Therefore, it is thought that it will guide the measures to be taken in order to make this transition easier by identifying the applications that cause uneasiness in the society towards this technology, and it will also guide similar studies to be done in the future. Finally, suggestions will be made on the subject within the scope of the study.

Artificial intelligence, social movement, social movement theories, Luddite movement.

Cite : Meltem TOKSOY ÇAĞAL , (2021). YAPAY ZEKA VE ROBOT TEKNOLOJİSİ ÖZELİNDE TOPLUMSAL HAREKETLERİ ANALİZ ETMEK . Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 16, p. 457-478. Doi: .


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