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Teachers and Students Opinions on Turkish Teaching in İntegration Classes

In this research, it is aimed to evaluate the Turkish language teaching conducted in these classes based on the opinions of teachers working in integration classes and foreign students studying. The research conducted is a qualitative study conducted using the interview technique. The study group of the study consists of 39 students (9. class) studying in these classes with 6 Turkish teachers working in integration classes at two secondary education institutions located in Antakya, one of the central districts of Hatay Province, in the academic year 2019-2020. In the study, the data were collected and the teachers and students who made up the study group were interviewed separately. The data were collected through two semi-structured interview forms developed by the researcher for teachers and students. In the analysis of the collected data, content analysis was used. The collected data were transferred to the article and thematic coding of these data was performed. By examining the obtained codes and deciphering the commonalities between them, the themes covering the codes were reached. The codes and definitions reached in the findings section of the study have been interpreted as separate tables. As a result of the study, based on the opinions of teachers and students, some positive and negative opinions were reached about the education provided in integration classes. Turkish language teaching is an important part of the education of foreign students in integration classes, and the fact that the given Turkish language teaching is considered adequate by the teachers has been evaluated as positive results. The majority of the students think that the Turkish language teaching given in the integration classes is insufficient. The negative results achieved were that foreign students frequently use Arabic as their mother tongue in the class, that they are in separate classes from Turkish students who use the target language, and that the textbooks used are in a simplicity that is not appropriate for the student level.

Teaching Turkish, İntegration Classes, Foreign Student

Cite : Ahmet KANAT , (2022). Uyum Sınıflarında Türkçe Öğretimi Üzerine Öğretmen ve Öğrenci Görüşleri. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 18, p. 74-90. Doi: .


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