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Evolution from Traditional Media to Dijital Media: “TRT Example”

Parallel to the revolutionary technology that renews itself day by day, communication technologies have also undergone a radical and serious change by completing the stages of printed, analog and digital technology. The media most affected by this process has evolved from print and paper printing to digital. TRT, which is the example of our study, has followed this process with technical, economic and social developments. TRT Radio reaches its listeners from one-way and non-interactive traditional radio broadcasting to two-way and interactive digital broadcasting systems and social media sharing platforms such as facebook and Twitter, broadcasting TRT music from Facebook Live, broadcasting to the world with TRT Word channel, smart broadcasting strategies and TRT's contribution to digital media developments and digital revolutions, when we consider that the number of listeners of television and radio broadcasts, which we describe as traditional media, is decreasing day by day, the human factor in television broadcasting has decreased and virtual robots and artificial intelligence have entered a phase where digital broadcasting has become widespread with the understanding of unmanned work. We can see that adaptation is a necessity of our age. In this context, solution suggestions are presented for TRT to complete the digitalization process with a holistic working system

Traditional Media, Digital Media, Television, Radio,TRT

Cite : Ensar LOKMANOĞLU , (2022). Geleneksel Medyadan Dijital Medyaya Evriliş: “TRT ÖRNEĞİ”. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 19, p. 194-206. Doi: .


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