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Solid waste management is designed as the application of methods that will provide the most economic, social and environmental benefits, from the generation of waste to its final disposal. On the other hand, changing production and consumption processes with the effect of technological developments caused the amount of waste to increase and the components of these wastes to change. These increases in the amount and volume of solid waste have shown that solid waste management is very important and necessary for the environment and human health. Waste management usually constitutes a very important part of municipal budgets and municipalities need efficient, sustainable and socially supported integrated systems in order to provide this service. In this framework, first of all, waste management systems were investigated within the scope of the study. Then, it has been tried to reveal which of the waste management systems for municipal wastes in the USA, EU, China and Turkey. Then, it has been tried to reveal which of the waste management systems for municipal wastes in the USA, EU, China and Turkey. It has been observed that, with the increasing importance of the circular economy, which has been on the agenda of the economic policies of the countries, the preferences of the waste management system regarding municipal wastes are more towards recycling and recovery. In this context, it has been seen that there is a need for supporting recycling activities and detailed studies on a sectoral basis in order to have a more positive effect on the country's economy. On the other hand, it was concluded that it is very important to raise the awareness of households and to increase the capacity of local governments to collect waste separately at the source in order to increase recycling rates by separating the waste at the source.

Municipal Waste, Household Waste, Solid Waste Management

Cite : Osman Altıntaş Prof. Dr. Yasemin KESKİN BENLİ, (2022). DÜNYADA VE TÜRKİYE’DE BELEDİYE ATIKLARININ YÖNETİMİ. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 21, p. 1-27. Doi: .


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