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Artificial Light And Movement In Sculpture: Lumino-Kinetic Sculpture

The use of artificial light in sculpture and the concept of movement have been of interest to artists since the beginning of the twentieth century. In this process, where new searches continue at full speed, the sculpture has changed in form, material and content, as well as the perception of the sculpture. Undoubtedly, the works that emerged as the first examples of kinetic art in this process contain the distinctive qualities of this change both artistically and in sculpture specifically. The concept of "kinetics", a scientific term associated with movement, was also taken into the context of art, being used for the first time by Naum Gabo. Thus, physical movement, which is achieved in different ways and with different components, has become one of the subjects used as an artistic form in sculpture. Movement in kinetic sculptures is created by means of electrical mechanisms, natural means, optical illusions and inclusion of the viewer. Considered as one of the subcategories of kinetic sculpture, lumino-kinetic sculptures, are created by incorporating electric lights into moving mechanisms which then allow the creation of both different visual effects and new formal and perceptual suggestions. With lumino-kinetic sculptures created by the moving mechanisms through reflecting a constant light, moving light with the mechanism and using lights that flash in different ways through electronic software the sculpture has gained a new dimension and expanded its sphere of influence. This study which is created with the descriptive research model includes the works of artists who contributed to the emergence and development process of lumino-kinetic sculpture, which is considered as a subgenre in kinetic sculpture. Through these artworks, the ways in which lumino-kinetic sculptures are actualized, the visual and aesthetic effects they have in according to their use, their contributions to sculpture in general and how they could be positioned in the field of sculpture is examined.

Sculpture, artificial light, space, Instalation, Kinetic art

Cite : Tuncay Koçay , (2022). Heykelde Yapay Işık ve Hareket: Lumino-Kinetik Heykel. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 21, p. 52-66. Doi: .


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