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Change and transformation activities that occurred in the society directly affected women in every period. The woman is not only the carrier of the family she belongs to, but also carrier in her society. An idea or approach that cannot reach women cannot come to life in society. For this reason, the change and transformation process that started in the society cannot be successful without women. This is also valid for the Ottoman society. The Ottoman State, which has closed its eyes to the developments in the West for many years, towards the end of the 18th century, it began to closely follow developments in the West. He turned towards innovations in Western style and published the hatt-i sharif of Gülhane. Although there is no article directly about the life of women in the Ottoman society in the the hatt-i sharif of Gülhane, innovation studies in many areas have also affected the life of the Ottoman woman. With the announcement of the hatt-i sharif of Gülhane, the status of women in society started to be discussed, and the event that accelerated this process was It was the declaration of the the Second Constitutional Monarchy. In the the Second Constitutional Monarchy period, important developments were seen in the social and family life of the Ottoman women. The issue that should be addressed before the status of women in the Ottoman society is the position of the woman in family life. Attention must be paid to this issue. Because it is the smallest building block that makes up the family society. Press work in the Ottoman State started with a delay of about two centuries from Europe. Due to the freedom environment experienced by the declaration of the Second Constitutional Monarchy and the political gap, many new magazines and newspapers have started their publications in the media. Examples of magazines and newspapers published exclusively for women during the Second Constitutional Era; Examples include Women, Femininity, Women Realm, Women World, Women Realm, Mehasin, Sıyanet, Demet. Ottoman women closely followed the life and struggles of Western women through these magazines and newspapers. The Ottoman woman expressed and introduced herself through the press of this period, and announced her actions and wishes. As a result of these magazine and newspaper activities, many areas of change and transformation started in the life of the Ottoman woman. Many positive and negative effects of this change and transformation process that started in the life of the Ottoman woman can be mentioned. In this study, the effects of the media on Ottoman family life in the modernization process will be discussed. The status of women and the role of women in the Ottoman society and family structure will be emphasized. Regarding the subject the Second Constitutionalist periodicals will be examined.

The Second Constitutionalist Period, Ottoman woman, Family, Press.

Cite : Yunus Emre TANSÜ Yunus Emre Tansü&Mesure Gök, (2020). II. MEŞRUTİYET DÖNEMİNDE KADINLARA YÖNELİK BASIN FAALİYETLERİNİN OSMANLI AİLE HAYATI ÜZERİNDE ETKİLERİ. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 6, p. 210-218. Doi: 10.46872/pj.61.


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