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The aim of this research is to determine the views of teachers on the artistic supervision model by examining their opinions in detail and in depth in their own reality. Qualitative research method was used in this study. The study group of the research consists of teachers from 12 different branches working in Şehit Egemen Öztürk Secondary School in Karabağlar district of İzmir province. Purposive sampling method, a qualitative research design was used in the research. Content analysis was used in the analysis of the data as a qualitative research analysis method. In the content analysis, the concepts and concept sets in the interview texts were determined, codes were created to form a meaningful whole, and the codes were divided into themes and categories in line with the sub-purposes of the research. A semi-structured interview form was used to collect data in the research. According to the results of the research, most of the participants expressed the opinion that the word “inspection” creates negative connotations. Most of the participants stated that the inspection process should be planned. In addition, most of the participants stated that supervisors should be experts who have aesthetic values and have aptness on classroom management skills. According to the results of the research, all the participants stated that the supervisor should focus on the structural nature and the teacher's communication with the classroom, and the quality of teaching during observation. All the participants stated that the supervisor should make a detailed analysis of the data collected during the observation and the results of this analysis should be relayed to the teacher in a clear, comprehensible, and impressive manner.

Supervision, art, artistic control, supervisor

Cite : Uğur Ulaş YAMEN Prof. Dr. Ali AKSU, (2022). SANATSAL DENETİME İLİŞKİN ÖĞRETMEN GÖRÜŞLERİ. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 21, p. 296-321. Doi: .


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