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The article focuses on the Turkish press, which occupies an important position in the global media and is a significant part of the international press, and studies the history of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and the philosophy of war through the lens of Turkish press. By its support of Azerbaijan during the Second Karabakh War, Turkey has not only repeated the rescue mission of 100 years ago, but also established itself, with its strengthening position in the Middle East, in the Caucasus region in the fight against terrorism, and proved to be a new power in the world. Keeping of the Karabakh conflict constantly on the agenda by the Turkish media is also seen as a clear fact stemmed from the demands of the 80 million Turkish people, and affirmed the rise of Turkish-Azerbaijani relations, which are based on historical foundations, to an unprecedented level of alliance. Even on the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the articles in the Turkish press exposing Armenia’s aggressive intentions, facts about Armenian vandalism and supporting terrorism, were numbered in hundreds, not dozens. The Turkish press has acted not only as a silent spectator of these events, but also continued to play an important role in conveying the analysis and forecasts of politicians to the public and the world as well. We see all the attributes of the occupation chronicle very clearly as we turn the pages of some media outlets, including such influential media outlets as “Yeni Ş?f?q”, “Yeni Çağ”, “Türkiy?”, “Axşam”, “Star”, “Hürriyyet”, “Vatan”, etc. Not only Turkey’s Anadolu and DHA agencies, TRT Haber, Haber Türk, TGRT, A Haber, Haber Global, TRT Avaz, NTV TV channels, as well as influential newspapers such as “Sözçü”, “Aydınlıq”, etc. and other media outlets that we failed to name, but the entire Turkish press is included in this list. History of the conflict and ceasefire period, as well as economic and political aspects of the events, were also of important topics on the agenda of the Turkish media. At the time when reports about the new Karabakh war resurfaced in the world media, the Turkish media gave wide coverage to the counter-offensive operation launched by Azerbaijan in response to large-scale Armenian provocations in the region. This issue has become an important and main topic of the Turkish media. The article emphasizes the essential role of the Turkish media, which demonstrates rightful position of Azerbaijan. Great confidence in the just cause of Azerbaijan, open position, the truth about Karabakh are consistently reflected in all news and articles that reflect the historical roots of the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict, as well as the realities of the 44-day Patriotic War.

Azerbaijan, Armenia, 44-day war, media, Turkey

Cite : Namiq Ahmadov Namiq ?HM?DOV, (2022). KARABAKH WAR AND HISTORIC VICTORY OF AZERBAIJANI ARMY COVERED BY THE TURKISH MEDIA. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 21, p. 322-338. Doi: .


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