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Divan Literature Poet and Commentator Prof. Dr. Amil Çelebioğlu's Text Commentary Lesson, Methods Used in Lecture and Humorous Stories

The instructor who uses direct instruction method presents his own knowledge and skills to take the concepts, facts and principles of the student, to react and stimulate. Uses facts, principles, rules, criteria, theories and classifications in direct instruction. When preparing his plan, he acts according to these concepts. Like all types of narration, providing information in direct instruction enables the acquisition of intended behaviors such as persuading the student for the necessity of the information and ensuring that the student enjoys the area where he is located. The instructor who uses direct instruction method should think logically and pay attention to both internal consistency and factual consistency through consistent, valid, reliable propositions. The subject should be clarified with definitions, examples and comparisons, and should be reinforced with statistics and expert opinions. With the help of literary texts such as wit, jokes, jokes, memories, the student should be kept awake and fit. At the same time, definitions, examples and comparisons should be appropriate for the target, age of the student, gender, and reality. It is expected to be understandable, content related, interesting. Prof. Dr. Amil Çelebioğlu appears to apply the above information while commenting on the text. Our aim is both to present the divan literature information transferred in the lessons and to determine the common points between the direct instruction method used in the lecture and the information provided by the program development books. Literary mazims who say that is actually real The parts in which the literary mazmuns who stated that wits, memories, jokes, and many situations thought to be imaginary in accordance with couplets is actually real and the words in the couplet, which were examined in all aspects in terms of meaning, would bring the "Text Commentary Lesson" interesting. The examples in the article prepared under the title of direct instruction are examples taken from Prof. Dr. Amil Çelebioğlu's Lecture Notes held in the text annotation. I hope that this study will also remind our teachers who have attended Divan Literature lessons about some of the situations they have missed, as well as a light for beginners.

Prof. Dr. Amil Çelebioğlu, direct instruction, divan literature, text commentary

Cite : bekir sarıkaya , (2020). DIVAN EDEBIYATI ŞAIRI VE ŞARIHI PROF. DR. AMIL ÇELEBIOĞLU’NUN METIN ŞERHI DERSI, DERS ANLATIMLARINDA KULLANDIĞI YÖNTEMLER VE NÜKTELER. Pearson Journal of Social Sciences - Humanities, 7, p. 184-212. Doi: 10.46872/pj.85.


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